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Corporate Background Checks

We provide affordable and accurate screening services for thriving businesses across the country.

Merchant Accounts

With same-day approvals, 24-hour customer service, fast funding, personalized account support and industry-leading rates, we offer the only eCommerce merchant processing solution you’ll need.


Whether you pay one full or part time employee, or several hundred, we offer a complete array of payroll products and HR services.

Banking Solutions

We have relationships with several banking intuitions that will give you a case by case assessment and determine if they can provide a long term working relationship with your business.

Tax Resolution

Our strategic partner in tax resolution services can offer you a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problem and to leave you with realistic expectations as to probable outcomes.

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KC Business Solutions

KC Business Solutions provides the flexibility of offering different solutions to their clients, as not all businesses are a “one product fits all” situation. KC Business Solutions has found that over the years of providing just one service to clients, that many of them ask for help finding other solutions but do not have the time to follow up. This is where KC Business Solutions’ suite of services and professional referral partners fulfill the needs of their clients. The diversity of products and solutions brings clients to us, and they return when they need additional services. Our ultimate goal is to provide their clients with fair and honest pricing and fabulous customer service.

  • Full Disclosure
  • Fair and Honest Pricing
  • Remarkable Customer Service
  • Reliable


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Karin Clarke, the Director of Operations of KC Business Solutions has been consulting businesses across the United States for over 20 years. She finds valuable products and services to generate income, reduce costs and help you make your business THRIVE!